We are the change we seek. BLCK VC is a nonprofit with the goal of doubling the representation of Black investors by 2024.

BLCK VC was formed to empower and support Black investors, while increasing diversity in venture capital.

BLCK VC: Top investors, strong community, big goals

BLCK VC was formed in 2018 to empower and support Black investors while increasing diversity in venture capital.

We provide a focused community built for and by Black venture investors, while providing them the resources they need to succeed and pushing the industry to face and change its shortcomings. The challenge is clear: only 3% of venture capitalists are Black, with even fewer controlling the $100B+ invested annually in the US. In the past few years VC has become more diverse, but slowly and minimally. The goal of this group is to increase the number of Black investment professionals in venture capital and build a community so that Black investors can help each other succeed. What is our goal? To push Black investors from 3% to 6% of the venture industry by 2024.

Important Stats

Black investors made up less than 3% of the industry.

Data from 2018 showed that only 3% of venture capital investors are Black. Most venture firms don't track their data -- publicly or privately -- so it's difficult to know how accurate these numbers are today, and if they're getting better or worse. Source: Where Did you Go to School? by Richard Kerby

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